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09.10.2013 - 10:11:20 (GMT)
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Peter Wibroe at the Argo Group Gold Cup © Photo by OnEdition / AWMRT

Peter Wibroe at the Argo Group Gold Cup © Photo by OnEdition / AWMRT

Hamilton, Bermuda (8th October 2013): The Argo Group Gold Cup sees the return to the Alpari World Match Racing Tour of Danish skipper Peter Wibroe, who is competing this week racing as part of Nicolai Sehested’s Trefor Match Racing team. Wibroe competed on the Tour over the 2007-8 seasons.

“We sail out of the same yacht club and we have raced against each other for years,” says Wibroe of his skipper. “I have been out of the game for a few years and actually I wanted to come back but it is always difficult to start up again from scratch.”


Wibroe says that since leaving the Tour he has qualified as a PE teacher and most of his old crew have got careers. However this year marks his return as a sailor, joining up with his former sparring partner. “Nicolai has been match racing for a few years now, but he has been stepping it up for the last two. It is great to come into a team which is working so well, even though it is still pretty new for me to pull the ropes,” says Wibroe, who is on main sheet this week. This year the team won the ‘Grand Slam Tour’, a three event circuit of Grade 2 match racing events in the USA, although this was without Wibroe.

While this is Wibroe’s first event back on the Alpari World Match Racing Tour, he competed with Sehested’s Trefor Match Racing team in two events in Europe this summer, including the Nations Cup in Denmark. “But from now on we will step it up and it’ll be full on. It is really nice to get into it again,” he says.

 The grand plan for the Trefor Match Racing team is to attempt to gain a coveted Tour Card for 2014, enabling them to compete at all the Tour events next year. “We have been using this year to set it up for next year,” says Wibroe.

So how much has changed on the Alpari World Match Racing Tour in his absence? “A lot. It is the same old guys and a few new ones. This Tour Card thing is new for me and there are a few new rules to make it more competitive.”

The last time Wibroe competed at the Argo Group Gold Cup was in 2007, when he admits he didn’t get on that well. “Of course these boats are difficult for all the guys, so I can’t use that as an excuse! This event has a special place for all the teams, it is great to be here and the sailing is extremely challenging and the hospitality and the place itself - you can feel the tradition and the interest in this event. The whole island knows about it.”